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I had an appointment with a new eye doctor yesterday (at a real office, not one in a back alley like last time). Apparently I've been wearing, for the last three years, contact lenses that I was supposed to replace every 4 weeks or so. They fit well and I can see fine, so there isn't a problem, but I'm getting a new set anyway.

They put those drops into my eyes to dilate my pupils, which took six or seven hours to contract. Driving around in the rain with sunglasses on must have looked a little weird. What was really freaky was that sometime during last night's rehearsal, my eyesight started to go blurry again. One of the flute players told me my right eye was still dilated, but my left wasn't. I took that as a sign I should probably go to bed early and let things sort themselves out.

I apparently have something weird going on with my optic nerves or retinas or something about a slight excess of pressure in side my head. Must be from my GINORMOUS BRAIN.

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If it wasn't apparent, the audition didn't go so well. Apparently I would have had to set the world on fire with my playing because they barely gave me a chance. Also, no one had made it clear that they have to give preference to students (this was at Johns Hopkins), so maybe I wouldn't have put so many eggs into this basket. Now it's down to finding some kind of community orchestra that would take me, and apologizing to my teacher for misleading her.

I'd spent so much time worrying about the audition that I didn't make any other plans for the weekend, either. I had just seen LĂșthien Friday night, so I wasn't expecting to hear from her again, but she said she really wanted to spend time with me this weekend. We had a nice time walking down to the harbor Saturday evening and talking about lots of stuff, like when she first came to the U.S. She came over afterwards and borrowed some of my DVD movies, including "Clerks". I have to wonder how many of the jokes she got from that one.

Sunday I didn't do much until mid-afternoon, when J. offered to come over and listen to me practice while she did her homework. It was only marginally useful to me, because she admits she's not very musical. My books were upsetting her, so she left and I went over to Deb & Jared's place, where they were having a small Labor Day party. It was fun; I met some people I'd never met before and just talked about geeky stuff. =)

Yesterday I didn't do much because it just felt like a really drab day. There was this Jewish festival taking place somewhere downtown, but the only person I knew that was going told me it wasn't very interesting. So as usual, I went over to Dad's for a steak dinner. He said it was OK if I wanted to bring my violin over and play for him, which I think may help me get over my nerves.


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