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So, you'd think I'd talk more about aviation-related things than music-related. I meant to post this yesterday but never got around to it, from the Washington Post:

Inaugural Flights Draw Airline "Geeks"
If you can't read the article (the site may require registration or something), it's all about people who spend their hard-earned money and frequent flyer miles to be on that first flight when an airline starts a new route. Such as, Washington Dulles to Beijing, in the case of the person interviewed. I used to be into some admittedly geeky aviation stuff, but wanting to fly for three days to China and back (a 14-hour, 6,920-mile route) wasn't one of them.

Also, here's an article, also from the Post, about the double-decker Airbus A380 making a stop at Dulles. Now that would have been cool to see. Too bad it looks like it's going to be the company's Spruce Goose, because they have to sell over 400 of them to break even on the design costs, and airlines are dropping orders left and right.
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I know, I'm not the world's greatest writer, but the AOPA implored all of us living in the DC area to write to the FAA with our complaints about the current security restrictions in place for pilots.

Cut for length... )

Other, better-written comments here.
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No, actually this isn't going to be a "feel sorry for me, I'm single" rant. I've got enough things to be pissed about besides that.

I had a checkride this morning in a Cessna 172SP, which isn't the same kind of plane I got my license in. My training was in 172Ps, which are carburated instead of fuel injected and have about 20 fewer horsepower than the SPs. So all the airspeeds are different, the avionics are more updated (this plane had an autopilot and GPS), it was an unfamiliar airport, and it's been almost a year since my last flight. Put everything together and you have me looking like a dumbass in front of the instructor because I can hardly answer any of his questions. I didn't almost crash or anything, but that's about the only thing that went right. And because I'm so damn busy over these next few weekends, I almost don't have any time to go back out. $300 for 1.7 hours of flight time, bringing me to 97.6 total.

Then I come home to a fresh stack of bills in the mailbox. I must have a gas leak in my building somewhere... my gas/electric bill is TWO HUNDRED fucking dollars!! For a 600 ft^2, ground floor apartment with almost no exposure to the wind. I thought $135 last month was bad, but apparently turning the heat down made me use MORE gas, not less.

So I'm self-medicating with potato chips and some of my favorite music, before I go off to the symphony tonight. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little practice time as well.
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Yesterday I drove over to Martin State, a local airport with two flight schools. I decided it was time to actually start flying again, given that I do call myself [livejournal.com profile] av8rmike, after all. So I went over, talked to a few flight instructors, checked out the facilities. One place has really nice new planes, but feels impersonal, like an office. The other has a pilot's lounge, some older planes, but does have a flying club, which enables its members to save money on rentals. The downside is I have to have a checkride with an instructor at whichever place I go to; it doesn't carry over or last more than about 2 months. So I'll compare prices and decide before two weeks from now.

Then after getting back from the airport, I called my friend D. (see Dec. 21 entry) to see what she was up to. She was meeting a bunch of friends at a place called Luna Grill down on Connecticut Ave near Dupont Circle and invited me along. So I hauled ass down to her place and we eventually found the place and met with the rest of the crew. We had a nice time talking about lots of different stuff with a bunch of people I'd never met before.

Also, I'm a bad Jew. I had the bacon cheeseburger with bleu cheese. So, [livejournal.com profile] gingy, since you asked, if you want a bacon cheeseburger, you eat it and then just feel really guilty about it. =) D.'s roommate was proud of me, as he also like to flaunt the kashrut rules.

Today I went down to visit my dad for lunch, since I won't be around next weekend. I didn't mention it before, but last week he gave me a Grove's Dictionary from the 1950s that used to belong to my grandfather. It takes up a full shelf in my bookcase.

I had a rehearsal to go to after I left there. [livejournal.com profile] njg00 and I went out for dinner, now I'm hanging over at her place watching the end of the Super Bowl. I haven't been home since 11:30 this morning, and I really need to work in some practice time.


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