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I posted some more pictures to the Flickr set I created for the previous snow storm. We had a good two feet or so in and around the city on Saturday, and it was still about knee-high by the time I went out to take pictures on Sunday. I wish I'd gotten one of the snowboarder in the south Mount Vernon Place Park, but I think he was done by the time I got my camera ready.
That's the view looking up my street. I also like this photo:
If you can't make that out, it says "WE LOVE 7-ELEVEN", which is of course written outside the local 7-Eleven.
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HOLY CRAP it's snowing outside! Women and children first!
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What glorious weather outside for just sitting on my patio and reading. It took me over an hour, but I got most of the leaves raked up and the chairs cleaned. Now I just have to find the right book.
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So, an update on yesterday's fine discussion of MP3 players, since I knew everyone was on the edge of their seats...

I went home and counted up my CDs, and got about 100 between the classical and non-classical. Depending on the average CD length and bit rate used for the encoding, I'd be looking at 6-8GB for everything. That's about where flash memory-based players top out, and I don't much like the idea of spreading my collection across multiple SD cards. A trip to Best Buy or similar may be in order for the weekend.

Hey, look, it's snowing outside.
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I spend the entire summer inside (well, most of it) thinking "man, it's so hot outside." Then, that first weekend hits where the temperature only gets to the 60s, and I start missing the warmth. I guess everyone is like that in some ways.
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82°? Once again, we skip from winter and go straight into summer.
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Apparently, neither Maryland nor Wisconsin got the memo that it was supposed to be an early spring. I left the heat off in my apartment, and someone even left the air conditioning on in the office all weekend.
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Stupid snow; cancelling rehearsal tonight and making me forget my lunch at home.
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All the thermometers are saying it's 47°F or so, but it doesn't feel much warmer than it was. It is a little warmer in here, though.
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Never send an intern to do an engineer's job. Gaah.

Also, there's something wrong with needing to have the air conditioner on in December.
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It is pouring like crazy out there. And of course, my umbrella is in the car.

Although, from looking at the radar images, the strongest parts may all blow over by the time I'm ready to dash out to the parking lot.
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Holy crap.... they get snow with thunder here in Wisconsin.
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Damn, it's actually cold this morning. I had to wear a long-sleeved shirt and turn on the heat in my car for the first time this season! That ought to make tomorrow fun: I'm supposed to be volunteering for the Baltimore Marathon water stop again, and they're calling for 40s-50s. After that, I have to kill a few hours (probably by cleaning) before I have a dress rehearsal at UMBC for Sunday's concert.

Looks like Jamie might finally be coming home from the hospital today. At least, that's the latest news, and things seem to be looking up.
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There were really strong thunderstorms that went through the region last night, including "OMG forreal" tornadoes that touched down in the town where my office is. I had figured that would make for an interesting commute in, so I even brought my camera with me, but there wasn't much to see. Supposedly, there are trees that hit houses in some neighborhoosd, and the local Giant, about a mile up the highway from my office, had some of their shopping-cart corrals knocked over. There were also reports of dime-sized hailstones in the town where Dad lives, so I'm going to have to drive over there and check on his house after work (he and my stepmother are in England until next Wednesday). Crazy stuff.


Aug. 30th, 2006 09:46 am
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It's funny... just yesterday I was complaining to Melina and Amy about it being 95° and humid, and this morning it's dark and mid-70s. As sick as I was of it being hot, I'm not sure I'm ready for autumn to be here.

([livejournal.com profile] tidesong, look what's playing on the radio... ;) )
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5:40 PM here in Baltimore. It is 76°F.

:: checks calendar ::

Yep, March 10th. Solar flares, perhaps?


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