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1. Agreeing to play in ensembles when people ask me.
2. Dropping my dinner in the sink.
3. General procrastination?
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Maybe I should start using this Twitter thing, that way I can continually update with every little thought that crosses my mind.

On second thought, maybe not. People often request a way to filter their Friends pages to remove other people's aggregate posts.

Completely unrelated, but here's an entire blog devoted to managing an iPod without iTunes. I've been using MediaMonkey off and on for a while, but I'd like to try some of these other managers and finally get rid of the accursed iTunes.
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Turn apartment upside-down, shake rapidly, determine if passport is one of the things that falls out.

No, not going anywhere, just realized it's not where it should have been.
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Must remember not to post entries or comments today, because of that boycott/strike thing.

...oh, wait.
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  1. ... to just keep my damn mouth shut
  2. ... not to leave my wallet sitting on my desk at work.
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I'm eating a piece of chocolate lasagna and you aren't (to the best of my knowledge).

Note to self: Must look into how to make "matzah brittle".
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Don't play in the string ensemble next year. Last year you said you didn't really enjoy it, but here you are. So, don't play, unless something drastic changes or there's something you really really want to play.

Also, remember to click on this sometime next June.


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