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So, the new profile pages have gone live, if you weren't paying attention. Let's see how the design process went:

  • First beta announcement in [livejournal.com profile] lj_design: ~650 comments, mostly helpful feedback.
  • Round 2 of the testing process: ~750 comments, mostly helpful feedback.
  • Final Round of the testing process: ~500 comments, mostly helpful feedback.
  • Announcement that the profile goes live: 4,800+ comments, all of them bitching and wailing that there was no announcement, no testing, "OMG YOU SUCK, LJ!", "DO NOT WANT", etc.

GOOD GOD, PEOPLE. It's ONE page. Now there's evidently a petition. Because those always work so well. Maybe there should be a Facebook group, too.
Speaking of whom, Facebook, Hotmail, and Yahoo! all change their sites, and I'm sure they don't give a crap how many people bitch about it. Why do LJ users believe NOTHING SHOULD EVER EVER CHANGE?

Good Lord

Apr. 21st, 2008 12:29 pm
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This day just keeps getting better and better.

In my hurry to get out of the car during the rain, I successfully managed to lock the keys inside.
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This freaking car... Three weeks ago, it wouldn't start when I had to take Jamie to the airport. Now, I get a flat tire. I think it may have actually been caused by something that happened Friday night, when it sounded like someone threw something at my car. Stupid me didn't think to keep checking the tires after driving around all weekend.
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Boy, have I been out of sorts for the last month. I've been thinking that our first concert for the season would be in two weeks. Then, I hear on the radio that no, it's this Saturday night. I checked the web page and even my own calendar entry, and sure enough, they both list it as this Saturday. It's a good thing that I'm pretty much prepared for it, and no one comes to my concerts anymore anyway.
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The latest entry: Every week I take some money out of the ATM for my lesson, meals and whatever else. Today I drive up to the bank ATM, and it tells me my PIN is incorrect, but only after trying to select the kind of transaction. What kind of weird interface is this? But I digress...

So, "no problem", I think. "This machine is sometimes on the fritz; I'll use the one inside." I go inside, same reaction from the machine. There weren't many people inside, so I go to the first teller and ask him what could have happened, since I never changed my PIN.

The manager overhears, looks over his shoulder at me and says, "that's your credit card." "You dumb shit," she didn't say.


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