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Obama to speak Saturday at Baltimore's War Memorial Plaza

So, President-Elect Obama is going to be speaking about half a mile from where I live. I knew in advance because the city police have put up "no parking" signs for Saturday all up and down my street (which is the main route from the train station to the speech venue). Am I an idiot for not wanting to go? They're expecting 100,000 people to show up in a space that can hold probably a third of that. "Doors" open 3 hours before the speech, and with the security checks and all, it would mean standing in 20° weather for maybe four hours. The local TV stations will be carrying the speech live, anyway, so why not stay warm inside?

Also, I don't believe the man is our Savior. To quote Stephen Colbert (I think), "even Jesus had to do stuff before he got his own holiday."


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:11 am
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Hmmm.. I don't really have a political icon, but this is close. As I text-posted earlier, I got to the Pratt Library at about 7, when the polls open in MD. The line was out the door and around the corner, but moved pretty quickly... for the first 20 minutes. Then it went much more slowly, as it was about half an hour before I got inside. I got to one of the 11 machines they had by about 8:00, so it was an hour total. I'm not sure what I was expecting, maybe the kind of lines they had in Georgia with 1,000 people waiting 12 hours to vote early.

Also, if you're going to try to get a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, go to a "real" one, not one of the ones collocated with a grocery or book store, because they probably won't honor the offer. Or, do what I did and run into a co-worker in line, who offers to buy you a cup.

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It's almost hard to believe, but in a little over a week, we'll know who our next President will be.

This election season just flew by, didn't it? ;)
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He was only 58 years old. He had a massive heart attack while working on the voice-overs for "Meet The Press". Unbelievable.

Nobody had the political presence and gravitas he had in Washington. Not George S, not Olbermann, O'Reilly, or Blitzer. While it was a little silly, his ever-present whiteboards during the elections and primaries are practically iconic. I really wonder what NBC will do with "Meet The Press" now, and if I can watch it as faithfully.

I also think I need to call my dad.

Go Bills.
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I meant to post something about this earlier, but it escaped me until I saw it last night on The Daily Show. The world is officially two minutes closer to Doomsday, so say the good people at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists:
[The] deteriorating state of global affairs leads the Board of Directors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists--in consultation with a Board of Sponsors that includes 18 Nobel laureates--to move the minute hand of the “Doomsday Clock” from seven to five minutes to midnight.
It's not really a measure of anything, of course, just a barometer created as a kind of gimmick by an obscure (at the time) publication for scientists to raise awareness of global issues. Now that they've decided to take climate changes into consideration, it's become slightly more relevant than if they focused solely on a U.S./Soviet Union nuclear war. What surprises me is the time lag in the scientists' response to world events. I'd have thought they'd have changed the hands after Sept. 11, or the start of the war in Iraq, or even the Israel/Lebanon conflict. The last time the clock hands were changed was in 2002, after the U.S. withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. I guess the scientists take the time to see how events will play out, rather than being seen as worry-worts.

So what happens at midnight? This column in the Chicago Sun-Times sheds some light, by way of a Case Western physics professor: "The whole purpose of the clock is to stop us from ever getting to midnight. If there's Armageddon, then the clock doesn't matter."

Finally, I couldn't pass up passing along this little gem from the same column:
Barack Obama has formed a committee to test the presidential waters and see if they are safe for him to walk on.

Life Update

Nov. 8th, 2006 03:59 pm
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In case anyone was concerned, I am still alive... just haven't had much to say lately. Things are going pretty well; I still have rehearsals twice a week, one of which is not challenging, while the other takes almost all my concentration.

That warm, wooly feeling I had last night that I'm attributing to civic pride, but may have been my leftovers coming back to haunt me, was quickly supplanted with disgust at the results of the Maryland elections. A Republican voting in Baltimore City? Pretty much a fart in the wind. Let's just hope that Governor O'Malley isn't as ineffective as he was as mayor.

As it is twice every year, we're in that period where it's not cold enough outside to leave the heat on all the time, but too warm inside not to turn on the air conditioning.
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Man, who ever thought that city Board of Public Works meetings would be boring? Not with a guy like Schaefer attending. When he's not sexually harassing staffers, he's raking Governor Ehrlich over the coals:
At yesterday's Board of Public Works meeting, the first since Comptroller William Donald Schaefer lost the Democratic primary, Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. was planning the same kind of pick-me-up he had employed time and again to stay on his ally's good side: a freshly baked cake from the Government House kitchen.
One of the governor's aides stood in the wings at the start of the meeting, holding a plastic-wrapped pound cake (the chef's grandmother's recipe) with a yellow bow on top.
But Schaefer's opening comments blasted the governor and his staff for not taking responsibility for the voting problems in the primary election and blaming them on state Elections Administrator Linda H. Lamone.

After that, the aide left, taking the cake with her. No mention of where it went or who got to eat it, but you can bet it wasn't Schaefer. At least the Governor didn't splurge and go to Charm City Cakes. If he had, maybe we'd have seen the aftermath on TV.


Sep. 13th, 2006 10:55 am
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Whoops. Forgot to go vote in the primaries yesterday, even though I could have gone until 9:00 PM. Hooray for electronic ballots?

Maryland voters decided they're tired of that old piece of crap William Donald Schaefer, but there's still no clear winner. Nothing like a kick in the ass out the door to conclude 51 years of public service. His antics were sometimes amusing, but it was time for him to go years ago.

Looks like John Leopold is the front-runner for AA County Executive, which will hopefully mean a few more years of seeing his signs everywhere and exclaiming, "Leopold!"

Finally, Allan "Go Limp! Lie Down!" Lichtman was barely a blip on the Cardin-Mfume radar screen, earning a scant 1% of the votes, or around 6,000. I just find it baffling that a college professor with a PhD from Harvard doesn't know the difference between public property and public TV.
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So yeah, it's finally time for me to start talking politics in my journal. I know, I'm only four years or so too late.

I went and did my civic duty this morning. I got to the library around 7:10 and there were already about 40-50 people in line. It waited a good 40 minutes, but it was fast and easy. No sticker, though. =(

One thing occurred to me, though: It's all been leading up to today. All the speeches and campaigning, sure, but also the political divisiveness, the endless discussions on Iraq, Sept. 11, taxes, everything. I know it's not a particularly Earth-shattering revelation, but it's the best my simple brain can come up with. A Republican victory means validation for them and all their policies; a free pass to continue to do whatever they want. A Democratic win sends an equally clear message that the country is not happy with the direction we're going. I'm going to refrain from making any predictions either way, but I just hope we can put all the sniping and arguing behind us. Sadly, I doubt it will be that simple, but we'll see in a couple of hours.


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