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Apparently, you can make a half-decent omelet in an office microwave. American cheese helps.
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Somehow I got into a conversation between the grocery store employees on how to eat pig's feet. I said they are probably boiled down, like in some kind of broth or pork stock.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Alton Brown! *points at icon*
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Specifically, the 10 Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets, as presented by PC Magazine. Unnecessary, maybe, but as for "weirdest", I'm sure they could have found weirder than a coffeemaker that knows the weather or a digital timer with remote beeper. The latter actually sounds pretty handy.

The electronic meat sniffer is pretty weird, though.
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I picked up some tea on Monday evening at Teavana that has little chunks of cardamom and cinnamon stick in it. Despite it being in a Zip-lock baggie, I still get a good whiff of cardamom when I'm in the kitchen. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd use it as air freshener.

Now all I need is a proper infuser to actually, you know, brew the tea.
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This weekend went from "nothing to do" to "not enough time to do everything" in pretty short order. I killed time on Saturday, as has tended to be my usual way, and was contemplating how to kill the evening, when my friend Bonnie called. She and a friend were going to their neighborhood bar for karaoke, so out I went. No, I didn't sing, because it looked to be a "regulars get favorited"-type of treatment. Then, while I was out, I got messages from Jess about directions to Sunday's Super Bowl party at her friend's place in Arlington. Her and I managed to talk a little beforehand, and since she said not to bring beer, I elected to try the brownie recipe one of our recent interns at work left behind.

Unfortunately, between running to the store, throwing laundry in, and mixing/baking/packaging the brownies, I didn't have much time for the practicing I neglected to do Saturday. The party was pretty fun, despite me knowing only one person there and the hosts being Chicago fans. Not that I cared one way or the other about the outcome.

Today I have to go home really early, not just because of rehearsal, but my teacher is back to lessons again, and this afternoon was the only time we could schedule. Should be interesting.
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I used to think that people who put stuff like cinnamon and cocoa into chili were crazy. Of course, that may still be true, but man is that stuff tasty. If there's a better dinner than a Cincinnati 3-way, I'm not sure I want to know about it.
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Dad gave me some dill-covered salmon, which I poached with some nice Pinot Gris that I had bought for Jamie's last visit. Sorry you couldn't have been here to have some with me.

Except I think I swallowed a bone. I hope it doesn't do too much damage on its way through. =(


Aug. 4th, 2006 12:53 pm
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Woman Bakes Cookies on Dashboard of SUV


Crazy at work earlier in the week, and now too tired to do much else besides veg when I get home. Although, I did cook a nice swordfish last night.

I think this may be a weekend to sit and get caught up on a bunch of stuff at home.


Jul. 26th, 2006 10:22 pm
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I think I just made blackberry jam!
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Well, moderately productive, at least. Yesterday morning I got up a little late but still made it to Harvest Table for the French toast with the running club. Several of my friends were there, and it was good to talk to them again. Afterwards I went to Arundel Mills initially to look for new running shoes. I ended up going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and walking out with a 10" Calphalon omelette pan to match the rest of my set. A few more trips and I should have everything I need that they make. Next up: the covered saucier/"chef's pan".

To make up for not running with the club, I walked all the way down to Fells Point last night, to the Sound Garden and Uncommon Grinds. Now I have all three Star Wars movies, used! =P

Today all I did was go to the Farmer's Market downtown and buy a bunch of produce for myself and to take over to Dad's. Two weeks ago he gave me a guilt trip (all in jest) over not bringing him anything, so this time I bought raspberries, peaches, green beans, and cucumbers for my stepmother to pickle. I did a little practicing, went over for dinner, then came back here to veg again and watch videos on YouTube.

Bad Ideas

Jun. 14th, 2006 09:24 pm
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#1: Scheduling an outdoor concert on a humid day, when rain and thunderstorms are predicted, and a former tropical storm is known to be moving into the area.

#2: Tempting the Fates by announcing before the concert, "I think the rain will hold off."

#3: Attempting to cook oatmeal with the rolled kind and half & half.

The first two weren't actually mine. At 6:00 in the evening, I'm sure it looked like a good decision by the conductor to keep the concert outside, but I wouldn't have done it. The skies were overcast all day, it was humid, and it was going to rain tonight. It was just a question of when. So, we got three pieces done before the thunder started, yet somehow managed to move everyone inside in time.

The third one was mine. You'd think it would work, with the half & half, but it smells kind of funny and has a strange texture. I guess you only use cream with steel-cut oats.
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This morning I walked around the corner to the side street where my car was parked. I saw something under the windshield wiper and thought it was a ticket, but it turned out to be a folded piece of paper. On it was written, in green ink:
2 11
Though, I can't tell if there's supposed to be a space in between the '2' and the first '1', or if the whole thing is widely spaced. A few weeks ago, I found the same thing scrawled into the dirt on the driver's side, just behind the door. I know my car was parked on the same street, maybe or maybe not the exact same place. Is someone trying to send me a message? A warning? Will I become the victim of an armed robbery soon?

In other news, yesterday just kept getting better and better. "Lost" was really good, and then Dayna came over bearing gifts! I'd been talking about getting a French press coffeepot, and she had bought me the Bodum Chambord 8-cup model. Besides not having any properly ground coffee, I also don't know how much water to put in per serving or if it's too big for my needs (I thought I only wanted the 3-cup model). Bodum's websites are no help.


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