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There must have been some bad turkey getting eaten last weekend, because there were quite a few important people missing last night, including the concertmaster and her assistant (who's always there). Somehow this meant that yours truly got tapped to sit first chair for the evening. Not that I mind; I'm one of the few who isn't afraid to sit up front. It's just a lot more pressure than most people are used to, especially when there's a solo or two.
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I hardly talk about this stuff any more, without much reason. I know there's only one other person that might care, and she already knows this stuff. But whatever.

I usually play section first violin in my various orchestras. Last night in the chamber orchestra, however, we were so short-handed on second violins that I offered to play first-chair second. It was no problem for me, but if it's a permanent change will have to depend on if other players decide to return. Given how much work I have with the other orchestra and my lessons, playing second violin may actually be better for my sanity.

Now, a few Jason quotes from the last few rehearsals that have stuck with me:

"When the stars explode, that means it's trombone time!"

"...a very mean sound. [Sempre] Meanioso."

"Prokofiev totally ripped this part off of John Williams!"

"I want you to spend the next week off-beating."


Sep. 10th, 2008 09:04 am
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I knew that answering a lot of 10-point requests would come in handy. Too bad I didn't catch any 9-point ones.

1001 Points

Now I only need about 1,500 more to get on the front page...


Jan. 24th, 2008 02:14 pm
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Only another hour or so before I get to go home...
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The rehearsals where the concertmistress isn't there are always fun, because I get to play out and be the only first violinist who knows what's going on. The rehearsals where I then get to play the cadenza and solo from Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld" Overture (and actually do pretty well), now those are just awesome.
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I'm also being told I'm hooked for life now...
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I picked up some tea on Monday evening at Teavana that has little chunks of cardamom and cinnamon stick in it. Despite it being in a Zip-lock baggie, I still get a good whiff of cardamom when I'm in the kitchen. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd use it as air freshener.

Now all I need is a proper infuser to actually, you know, brew the tea.
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I'm eating a piece of chocolate lasagna and you aren't (to the best of my knowledge).

Note to self: Must look into how to make "matzah brittle".


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